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Weight Loss

Being overweight is a problem faced by countless people across the globe. There are several reasons that might lead to this excessive weight gain including unhealthy lifestyle, improper dietary habits, and lack of exercise, constant stress and even heath issues like hypothyroidism. In addition to lowering the self esteem and confidence of the individuals, weight loss can lead to other serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart ailments. You can avoid these and other issues related to obesity by seeking our expert advice for effective weight loss.


Effects of Excessive Weight

  • Heart Disease: Excessive weight gain is known to be a major cause of heart diseases.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Obese people run a greater risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.
  • Stroke: Weight gain can lead to accumulation of plaque in the arteries, leading to a stroke.
  • Fertility Issues: Obese women tend to have menstrual problems, leading to fertility issues.
  • Bone And Joint Problems: People with excessive body weight are likely to suffer from bone and joint pains and other skeletal problems.
  • Psychological: Obese people are generally not very attractive and presentable and often become the subject of ridicule.


We at Premayurvedoffer you the most effective and natural Ayurvedweight loss treatments to help you overcome the negative effects of obesity.  Our treatments are based on helping you develop a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise being an integral part of the remedies. We offer you the most effective weight loss solutions through simple and effective home remedies that can bring down your weight in a considerable manner. We believe in holistic treatment which is why we also educate you about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight.

Check out or portal today to gain more information about the various natural remedies that we offer to help you cut down that extra fat.


We offer the following packages:
1. Silver – It costs Rs. 2000/- (In India) or US$ 30.81 (For other countries)

2. Gold – It costs Rs. 3000/- (In India) or US$ 46.21 (For other countries)