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Company Profile

Way back in 1998 this Ayurved of Dr. Prem’s Clinic of Ayurved Medical Practice was established in Sirsa of Haryana State. The State of Haryana has many advantages as the ideal location for Ayurved Medical Clinics. The people are staunch supporters of Ayurved, the age-old traditional medical practice of ancient Indian origin that can drive away many ailments, diseases and disorders from human body, permanently.

The proximity of thick, green and fertile forests all over this State is handy, in securing rarest of rare medicinal herbs in abundance that are primarily used by Ayurved treatments and therapies. By undergoing Ayurved treatments and medicines, patients can happily get relieved totally from their health-related problems, without recurrence again, which is not the case in respect of any other branches of medical fraternity.

So Dr. Prem, who is a Certified Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner wanted to propagate the usefulness of Ayurved medicines and treatments, among chronic patients and relieve them from their woes. With this invaluable Indian Traditional Ayurved Sastra, Dr.Prem clubbed the modern facilities of Internet and makes use of these facilities for the benefits of patients, all over the world online.

There are patients who suffer without knowing where to go and what to do, to get retrieved of their health from many disorders, diseases and ailments. Although they have taken treatments from other medical channels, permanent remedy has been eluding them. In order to help these unfortunate patients, Dr. Prem is serving through Prem Ayurved, by clubbing the services of other Ayurvedic institutions and physicians in the country.

With this concerted effort, Ayurved can render yeomen service in eradicating the illnesses, disorders, deficiencies and short-comings of human bodies of both men and women. Patients can get Online Free Consultation first; and then go for appropriate Ayurvedic therapies, medicines and treatments for Sex-related problems; Infertility; Piles; Diabetes; Skin-related problems; Obesity; Hair-loss Problems and De-addiction etc.

Dr. Prem’s Ayurved is in a formidable position to offer treatments and conducting Panchakarma and Kerala special treatments; and supplying herbal products such as Arishta/Asava, Kwatham/Kashayam, Medicated oils, Medicated Gritham, Tablets, Lehams, Choornam and other proprietary medicines of market leaders in Ayurveda.

Dr. Prem’s Ayurved mainly deals in the products manufactured and supplied by the renowned Arya Vaidya Sala, who are pioneers in Ayurveda in Kerala. Plus the panel of expert Ayurvedic Physicians, Clinics, Hospitals and Resorts based in India can render additional support.

Patients can get total facilities for curative and rejuvenation treatments, with best accommodation, close monitoring of the patient’s health conditions, Yoga, prescribed diet and other conveniences.

During Ayurved treatments at Sirsa, patients can enjoy the amicable climate and serene, calm and tranquil atmosphere for faster recovery.