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Loss of libido

Loss of libido (Low sex desire)

Low sex desire or the loss of lobido is one of the common sexual problems found in men. When one suffers from this problem, he loses the desire to have sex. There are several reasons leading to tis ailment, which can be psychological or physical. This is a grave problem indeed, and one can often land up in a spoilt relationship after marriage due to this problem.

As a matter of fact, any type of sexual disorder is bound to spoil the intimacy with your partner, and this needs immediate attention to ensure that you do not suffer from a long-term distress.



There are two types of causes of loss of libido in men ‘Physical’ and ‘Psychological’.


Physical causes:

The physical problem includes:

  • Stress
  • Work overload
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Use of drugs
  • Problems in the prostate glands of the body
  • Lowlevel of hormones, among others
  • Lack of rest and sleep

Major diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Parkinson’s disease, Endocrine or neurological disorders, hypothyroidism, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis etc.


Psychological causes :

There are psychological factors too, leading to the problem. These include

  • Stress
  • Conflict in relationship with the partner
  • Disturbed relationship with her and some other causes

Whatever the causes are, the results are not at all favourable and all you need to do is to count on us to avail the ideal treatment.

In Ayurved the prime reasons for this problem stated are:

  • Stress and anxiety in life
  • Low semen quality due to high sexual activity
  • Junk food consumption
  • Controlling the urge of sex for longer duration
  • If prescribed Ayurved medicine not taken in time it may lead to impotence



Premayurved bring you the perfect Ayurved treatment to boost up the sexual desires and ensure that you can lead a normal life. After all, a good private life is desired by all and it is for this reason that we present you with a vast pool of experience in Ayurvedtreatment. Our doctors are seasoned in this aspect and try to uproot the cause of the problem from the base to deliver the required results to you.

The Ayurved treatment is very effective and requires a much shorter time to react than the traditional treatments. They come at an affordable price too, and if you are suffering from this problem, it is time that you count on us and get rid of all the haunting frustrations.


1. Silver (LSD) Course :- It costs Rs. 5000/- (In India) or US$ 150 (For other countries) for 20 days

2. Gold (LSD) Course :- It costs Rs. 8000/- (In India) or US$ 220 (For other countries) for 20 days medicine

3. Diamond (LSD) Course :- It costs Rs. 11000/- (In India) or US$ 290 (For other countries) for 20 days

For more details send mail to E-mail:-info@premayurved.com

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