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Erectile dysfunction (Looseness of penis)


This is one of the most common problems found in men. This is the condition where the sexual organ suffers from impotency, or in other words, do not get erected during sexual excitement. This is a condition where the muscles of the organ get loosened due to a number of reasons.  Get erectile dysfunction treated with utmost effectiveness from us.

  • There are several conditions where this problem has been successfully treated, but in most of the cases, it takes a lot of time to get cured.
  • This is more evident in older men than the younger ones, but now-a-days it is common in the younger men too. The reasons are not far to seek.

This occurs due to trauma or physical weakness, which account for majority of the cases. There are various other reasons like injuries, overdrive in sex play or the lack of hormones


  • Stressed life both physically and mentally added with high temper and insufficient sleep is one of the prime reason of ED
  • Habit of frequent Masturbation in Men may led to ED
  • Absence or low level of Testosterone Hormone in men act as one of the prime reason of ED
  • If intimacy with partner is not liked by men then it can lead to ED
  • Common diseases which are reason of ED:
  • Neurological diseases
  • Anemia
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Asthma
  • Liver disorders
  • Tiredness
  • Side effects of medicine, drugs, alcohol consumption, smoking , opium etc may cause ED
  • Injury in Pelvic region or enlargement of Prostate or anxiety in life cause ED

Childhood abuse , Excess Sex play  and Obesity leads to ED


When you count on us to get rid of the problem that has been frustrating you over the years, we seek the Ayurved treatment to remove the causes of the problem.

Premayurved has a vast pool of experienced personnel with us and they are really seasoned professionals.

The natural touch of the herbs is used to treat the problem and you will get the results in a short while.



After diagnosing the cause of Erectile dysfunction, ED (Looseness of Penis) is cured in most patients in 30 to 60 days treatment.

1. Silver (ED) Course :- It costs Rs. 5000/- (In India) or US$ 150 (For other countries) for 30 days medicine.

2. Gold (ED) Course:- It costs Rs. 7500/- (In India) or US$ 220 (For other countries) for 30 days medicine.

3. Diamond (ED) Course:- It costs Rs. 10000/- (In India) or US$ 295 (For other countries) for 30 days medicine.


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