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Erectile dysfunction (Looseness of penis)


Erectile dysfunction is a disease where your penis is not erected at the time of sex making. This might be caused due to different issues, the top among which are declared below. You must be feeling embarrassed before your dearest one, while she is seeking you at her nearest point.

There is nothing to be ashamed off, since Ayurved has got the treatment for that. In fact this is a sign that the blood vessels are narrowing down, which cannot expand at the right time. The remedies of the disease are easily possible now, but before that know the causes regarding the same.



The major reason for ED is the connection of the body and the mind. The function of the body and the mind when are separated, you will find that ED is a commonly found. There are other reasons in that matter too. The major causes are as follows:

About 80 % of Erectile Dysfunction or male impotence occur due to physical weakness, 10% due to psychological disturbances, the cause for remaining 10% is not firm.
The causes are mentioned below:-

  • It is a real fact that most of the ED cases are caused due to physical and psychological factors. Short temperedness and less sleep is a major cause for ED. Fear in mind and sadness is two unique agents that cause ED.
  • Excessive masturbation might cause such disease.
  • Less amount of testosterone is another major reason.
  • Dislike towards sexual partner can cause such problems, however some of the diseases like anemia and arthritis and asthma like diabetes causes ED.
  • Tendency towards drugs like cocaine, marijuana and smoking can cause ED at times. However Alchohol is a great agent for ED.
  • Too much acceptance of medicine, dry foods and other drinks categories are the supreme agents to cause erectile problems.
  • Childhood abuse and over excessive sex play can cause ED mostly. Prostate enlargement also causes the same in some of the men.



People come up with different other issues too and hence the list goes on increasing.  However the disease is easy to be treated. The cure of the disease is not that much tough. You will get the benefit in 30 to 90 days and that is the top support that you can get in three specific packages.

We at Premayurved make sure that we provide satisfaction to each client we handle and offer the desired Ayurved treatment.



After diagnosing the cause of Erectile dysfunction, ED (Looseness of
Penis) is cured in most patients in 30 to 60 days treatment.

1. Silver (ED) Course :- It costs Rs. 5000/- (In India) or US$ 150 (For other countries) for 30 days medicine.

2. Gold (ED) Course:- It costs Rs. 7500/- (In India) or US$ 220 (For other
countries) for 30 days medicine.

3. Diamond (ED) Course:- It costs Rs. 10000/- (In India) or US$ 295 (For other countries) for 30 days medicine.

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