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Liquor Wine Addiction

Get rid of liquor and wine with utmost ease

Addiction is a grave problem all over the world. You may face a thousand hurdles in order to get rid of the problem. You may like drinking to a certain extent, but this may turn out to be fatal when you cannot quit the liquor. There are instances where people with good future have been ruined due to consumption of wine.

The problem is, once you get addicted without knowing, it is very difficult to leave the practice. The wine keeps on luring you and you find it impossible to quit the harmful substances, even if your desires crave.

There are several remedies all over the world to cure you of this problem, but none of these are as effective as the treatment we bring you.

Treatment of Liquor Wine Addiction

We are the pioneers when it comes to Ayurved treatment. We provide you with all that is needed to help you out of the grave that you have landed in. After all, the effectiveness of the treatment is what you need to look out for.

People may spend a lot of money on the traditional means of getting rid of liquor, but none of them night have turned out to be potential enough to land you out of the woods. At the end of the day, a good life is desired by all.

It is for this reason that we are here to inform the patient of Liquor addiction. You just need to count on the expertise and excellence we shoulder. Premayurved treat your problems with the natural touch of nature, so that there are no side effects in the long run. The period of action is very fast and there are all thereasons to be happy after all.

The affordability is a major factor and all you need to do is to count on our trusted services to get the customised benefits.



We have 3 packages of duration of minimum 2-3 months
1. Half Bottle – It costs Rs. 2000/-  (In India) or US$ 30.81 (For other countries)

2. Full Bottle – It costs Rs. 3000/-  (In India) or US$ 46.22 (For other countries)

3. If quantity is More then – It costs Rs.  5000/-  (In India) or US$ 77.04 (For other countries)