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Hair Problems

Your hair is the foremost aspect that can make you look stylish. Apart from the looks, there is a sensation of good feeling if you have good hair. Hair loss and other problems related to the hair are common all over the world. The most common problem that you face is baldness. People may wear false hair, but there can be no substitute to your natural hair. Apart from this, the quality of the hair also gat degraded at times. Rough hair is common among many people and they try to get rid of the problem at the earliest. You may have spent a lot of money to grow back the natural hair, but it may have gone in vain.

Some common hair problems:

  • Hair Thinning – Heavy fall of hair leading to hair thinning. Lack of protein and health food leads to fall of hair
  • Hair Splitting – Heavy brushing, colouring and use of hair dryers and straightener needs to hair splitting
  • Hair roughness – to much over washing leads to Hair roughness
  • Baldness– Androgenic alopecia this is a typical hair thinning problem found in both male and female leading to baldness
  • Hair Dandruff: Dryness in the scalp area leads to dandruff and happens due to lack of healthy diet, hygiene, and stress


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We have 2 packages for hair problem treatment

1. Silver – It costs Rs. 3000/- (In India) or US$ 46.22 (For other countries)

2. Gold – It costs Rs. 4000/-  (In India) or US$ 61.63 (For other countries)