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Leucorrhoea (White Discharge)

This is one of the most common sexual problems in females. This is characterised by a fowl smelling discharge, whitish in colour from the genitals. This is accompanied by pain in the lumbar region and burning sensation.

When eliminative organs fails to clean the toxins of the female body then there is increase in the form of heavy white discharge. If the same is not treated in time then it may turn chronic and create burning sensation in vagina. It may lead to making patient anaemic, weak and you may notice black patch under eyes.  Get Ideal treatment for leucorrhoea from us.



If you are a victim of such a problem, you need to pay due attention to it and get it treated at the initial stages, as it may turn a chronic disease if you do not pay the much needed attention to it now. This occurs when the person has

  • Sexual relationship with multiple persons
  • Unhealthy diets
  • Toxic materials in the body get increases at certain times.
  • Work for long hours
  • Keep your genitals clean
  • Imbalance of hormone
  • Too much sexual relationship



There have been several treatments for this problem in vogue in the contemporary era, but none of them have been as effective as the Ayurved treatment. We bring you the ideal Ayurved treatment to such disorders in the body at the most affordable expenses. All you need to do is to count on our expertise.

The updated portal brings all the needed information for your benefit and you need to bank on the ideal treatment that our doctors give you. The natural touch of the Ayurved is sure to bring a dead end to the problem. The period of reaction is less and you will realise the difference in a very short while. When you have spent a lot of money in vain, it is wise to take another try and feel the difference. In decision may change the course of your life.

Make sure you and your partner are happy and free from any type of infection. You and your partner need to drink 10-12 glasses of water followed by healthy diet full of fresh green vegetables.

Premayurvedprovide the ideal support with 3 packaging. The natural herbs are the best remedy for any type of ailment and these are available in plenty.

So, we bring you the best remedy with the ideal touch of nature. Hundreds of people have already availed the treatment and realised the difference we make. So count on us for the ideal treatment and feel the touch of a good life.



After finding the cause of Leucorrhoea (White Discharge) it is cured in most patients in 30 to 90 days treatment.
1. Silver (WD) Course :- It costs Rs. 3000/- (In India) or US$ 90 (For other countries) for 30 days medicine.

2. Pearl (WD) Course :- It costs Rs. 4000/- (In India) or US$ 115 (for other countries) for 30 days medicine.

3. Gold (WD) Course :- It costs Rs. 5000/- (In India) or US$ 140 (for other countries) for 30 days medicine.