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Chancroid, as you know, is one of the most painful sexually transmitted diseases, and is transmitted only through sexual contact. Prem ayurved provide herbal remedy to the disease at an affordable price, and that too, without side effects.

If you are a victim of this disease, you need to count on us for the perfect remedy. The disease is accompanied by wraths and bleeds a lot, which causes intense pain. When you count on us, we make sure that the disease is cured at the earliest.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to lead a life free from such problem. The ideal option is to count on us to get the best benefits. We bring you an effective remedy to the problem.



This disease is a form of bacterial infection which is caused by the Gram-negative streptobacillus Haemophilus ducreyi. It is generally found in developing countries. If you are a victim of this disease, you must realise that it is indeed painful.

The sores are something you would like to get rid of, which has well defines and undermined borders. The borders are irregular, which makes it even more painful for you.



We have some of the most effective Ayurved treatment procedure. The herbs are available in plenty and there is no dearth of the medicines and oils that we provide you with. Even if you go for other forms of treatment, the healing time is much more.

You have to endure the pain for a longer span of time if you avail other forms of treatment. We are the only ones to provide this Ayurved form of treatment, which works so fast. The relief that you will get is a great factor.

The medicines we provide you with are some of the best in the industry.

So, when you count on us, you will get absolute comfort.



We offer the following packages:
1. Silver – It costs Rs. 5000/- (In India) or US$ 77.04 (For other countries)

2. Gold – It costs Rs. 7000/- (In India) or US$ 107.85 (For other countries)