Tips of the Day

  • What kind of water should you drink in the morning after getting up from bed?
    Answer- Luke warm water
  • What is the right procedure of drinking water?
    Answer- by sipping the water while sitting
  • How many times should you chew your food?
    Answer- 32 times
  • What should be the heaviest meal of the day?
    Answer- breakfast

  • By what time should you finish your breakfast?
    Answer- within two and a half hours of sunrise
  • What should you drink along with your breakfast?
    Answer- juice
  • What should you drink during lunch?
    Answer- lassi
  • What should you drink at the time of dinner?
    Answer- milk
  • When should you avoid eating sour fruits?
    Answer- at night
  • When should you drink lassi along with food?
    Answer- during lunch
  • When should you drink juice along with food?
    Answer- during breakfast
  • When should you drink milk along with food?
    Answer- during dinner
  •  When should you eat ice cream?
    Answer- never
  • After how long should you consume a food that has been taken out of fridge?
    Answer- after one hour
  •  Should you drink cold drinks?
    Answer- no
  • Within what time should you consume the food after cooking?
    Answer- within 40 minutes
  • What amount of food should you eat at dinner?
    Answer- very less amount
  • At what time should you finish your dinner?Answer- just before sunset
  • When should you consume water before eating your meal?
    Answer- before 48 minutes
  •  Should you drink lassi at night?
    Answer- no
  • What should you do after having your breakfast?
    Answer- work
  • What should you do after having your lunch?
    Answer- rest
  •  What should you do after having your dinner?
    Answer- walk 500 steps
  •  What should you do after having your meal?
    Answer- bajrasan
  • For how long should you do bajrasan after finishing your meal?
    Answer- 5-10 minutes
  • What to put on eyes after getting up from bed in morning
    Answer: Saliva of mouth
  • At what time you should go to bed at night?
    Answer: Go to bed by 9 to 10 Pm
  • Name 3 poisons
    Answer: Sugar, White flour and white salt
  • What to add in cooked vegetable during lunch before eating
    Answer: Ajwain
  • Is it right to take salad at night?
    Answer: No
  • How to take your meal or food?
    Answer: Take your meal sitting on the floor and chew it several times before swallowing
  • Should you buy foreign items?
    Answer: No
  • When you should take tea?
    Answer: Never
  • What to add in milk before drinking?
    Answer: Turmeric
  • Why to drink milk with turmeric?
    Answer: To avoid kesar in it
  •  Which mode of treatment is good for health?
    Answer: Ayurveda
  • When to take water kept in golden utensils?
    Answer: From October to March ( During winter)
  •  When to take water kept in copper utensils?
    Answer: From June to September
  • When to take water kept in earthen utensils?
    Answer: From March to June
  • How much water to take in morning?
    Answer: At least 2 to 3 glass
  •  When to wake up in the morning?
    Answer: Before the Sunrise

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