Success Story of the Month

Dr. Prem had been treating a male who had been diagnosed with Azoospermia, which means that the man has no sperm count. The male that he was treating was 28 years old and when he first came in for treatment the amount of sperm available to him for testing was only 02 cc with a musty odor and there was no sperm count. They were also active, but they were sluggish and only 5% viable. He had then treated the man with his specially prepared medicines, which included PSLV tablets, a sperm stock tablet, 2 sperm stock capsules and sperm stock powder.

When the patient had returned to him after only 3 months of being treated, it was found that he had 60 million per ml for his sperm count. Also, the sperm were found to be 55% active, 10% sluggish and 35% to be non-motile. This time, however, the quantity had increased and there was some 2 ml of sperm that was given and the treatment had stayed the same. The patient had returned again after another 2 months of treatment and the sperm count had risen to 65 million per ml. Also, at this time it had been reported that the patient and his wife had been able to conceive and were expecting their first child.


The tablet that he used is called the PSLV tablet, which includes parvakar katti and shillajit loh vatti, along with ashawgandadi churan. The medicine is made using 8 parts of shillajit sudh, 4 parts guggal, 1 part Loh bhasam, 1 part Bang bhasam, 1 part Swarnmasik bhasam, 1 part Abrak bhasam, 1 part Yasd bhasam and 8 parts Ashawganda churan. The Ashawganda churan is made using equal measures of galo, gokhuru, amla, ashawganda and badara. It is mixed into fresh juice of the galo stem and amla along with the fresh haldi juice and three bhawana is given to each juice, which makes a tablet of 450 mg with a daily dose of 1 tablet 2 times a day.


This medicine is good for building up the immune system, anemia, hypertension, phosphate in the urine, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, urethtthorrhea, prosttorrhea, spermattorrhea, oilgospermia, UTI, leuchorrhea, albumin urea, permeh, amenorrhea dysmenhorrhea. It is also a general tonic along with being a proven anti-oxident. This medicine is something that Dr. Prem has created and has been successfully using on his patients with amazing results for over 15 years now. He has shared his recipe with the world and with other Ayurveda physicians without any reservations.

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