Infertility Vs Erectile dysfunction – The difference and Treatment

Sexual problems are not uncommon and are experienced by both men and women. Sexual problems that are physical in nature however, are more common in men. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem that affects millions of men from all across the world. Infertility is a wider term and it is defined as the lack of ability to beget children or copulate. Both are completely different terms though ED can make a man infertile. Let’s look both the terms in details.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Erectile Dysfunction is what prevents a man from having sustained erection while having sex. This is a very common problem and 1 out 5 men is known have erectile dysfunction and this number increases with age.

Some of the common symptoms of ED are:
• Soft erections during sexual intercourse
• Brief erections during sexual intercourse
• Lacking the ability to achieve an erection repeatedly

Men who are unable to get or maintain an erection that is rigid and long lasting is known to be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Some of the common causes of ED are excessive smoking, blood pressure, drug abuse, excessive drinking, surgery, medications and even psychological factors.

Lifestyle changes, over-the-counter medications, injections, surgery psychotherapy etc. can treat ED depending on the causes of the same.

Infertility is a much wider term and it is a situation of low sperm count or fewer sperm counts having normal movement.

• Lack of sexual desire
• Swelling, lump or pain in testicles
• Erection and ejaculation problems
• Firm and small testicle

There are different causes of infertility and the cause depends on the symptoms experienced. Some of the common causes are:
• Genetic or chromosomal defects
• Side effects of medications
• Infection
• Undescended testicles
• Erectile dysfunction
• Nervous damage
• Prostrate damage
• Spinal cord injury
• Alcohol or drug abuse
• Lack of vitamin c and zinc in your diet
• Anaemia and malnutrition
• Hormonal issues
• Stress and other psychological factors

The treatment of infertility depends on the underlying cause of this sexual problem. Hormonal injections, medications like Viagra, surgeries, are some of the ways of treating infertility in men. The semen is collected and tested and then the treatment is decided based upon the results.
No matter what, it is really important that you consult a doctor if you are experiencing any sexual problems.

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